Announced August 17, 2009 Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem is the third official project by the Infinity Mugen Team. The project began with the release of the game screen pack and character creation template to help encourage Mugen content creators to participate in the development of this game as well as give the individual Mugen game player the ability to control their own game environment.


The idea of a full Mega Man fighting game was first tossed around by the core members of the IMT back in 2007, but with the Super Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes project still in infancy the idea took a back seat. Now with SMvC:EoH further along in development, the time was right to organize and announce the arrival of a full Mega Man project. Following 2 years of general development time, Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem began the fist phase of full game development in April 2011 and will include a cast from a wide range of Mega Man favorites. More information is available on the Infinity Wiki.